A Ramble About Courage

Courage is something that is different to different people. Being courageous for many people means being yourself and being authentic. In the case of Caitlyn Jenner it means finally living life on your own terms and making life changes that not everyone agrees with. She is now free to be the person who inside has been wanting to be for many years.

Some people have a problem with her receiving the Arthur Ashe Award at the Espy’s and they have the right to think that. However when you diminish or tear down the courage of one person you do it for others who are in their own right and life courageous. Not everyone is a war veteran or a first responder who march into danger to be a hero. Some of us show courage in just getting up in the morning and doing our work without the fanfare of an athlete or actor.

The transition from Bruce to Caitlyn is one that was done over many years and with some fear because not everyone understands or accepts that change in her life. Maybe we should strive to be more empathetic, sympathetic and graceful in our lives so we can understand people and accept them for who they are and who they want to be.

Remember our world is changing, people are changing, faith is changing for those who have the courage to keep up with it all I salute you. To those who choose to be mired in the status quo I do feel for you there is an exciting new world that is not falling apart but creating something beautiful and real.