Getting A Little Crazy, Well Maybe No

I was asked by a person at work if I had ever done anything crazy as a teen/younger person. My answer was no. As a teenager I didn’t have a ton of friends and my only social outlet was church youth group and school. Other than that I didn’t get invited to a lot of places to do a lot of things other than youth group stuff. So I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to do really crazy things. Thee was a time when I did manage to go out with some peeps and got thrown out of a McDonald’s because we were being too loud.

Flash forward to today and I think had I done something crazy it would have impacted my life in the present. I am who I probably was meant to be. Life, faith, spirituality, karma, the universe, whatever has a way of leading to do things that will shape your future.

From where I sit now maybe a pierced ear or perhaps something else benign. I am grateful for the time spent with family who I consider my role models and I did spend time with older folks my parents and grandparents knew. Perhaps I am a old soul with now a youthful spirit or something like that.

Everyone has done stuff in their past that makes them who they are today. Maybe I was born to be mild. As Lady Gaga sings I was born this way. Someone who is radical, open minded, eclectic and loving. Yeah, it’s crazy right?

Rambling About Inspiring

To inspire others, you sometimes have to put your own heart out there and occasionally make an idiot of yourself. Hopefully those you are trying to encourage to do great things will buy into the crazy of it all.