Daily Prompt: Calling

I make my living on the telephone calling donors of the blood bank I work for to make appointments to come in and donate blood. Very niche if you think about it. I work in a small call center with 15 other people. We all make our living dialing people up and appealing to their charitable and altruistic nature to help save lives. Calling is a thing you do and a thing you accept.

The key to calling is the hope someone picks up or you can at least leave a message to ask them to call you back because calling is a two-way street. No matter who calls being polite and respectful is helpful because you never know what will be asked of you or opportunities you have to do amazing things. Trust me I have heard it all in the responses I get. The one thing I have to do is keep smiling and dialing because I like the roof over my head and I like to eat. So every day I am hanging on the telephone and hopefully someone will call me back.

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