Today Is The Day – Get Out And Vote America! #election2016 #vote2016 #vote

My fellow Americans if you haven’t voted get out and do so. Get to the polls today! It’s time to make your voice heard. Every vote counts!

To find out where you vote Google has a great resource to find your polling place and other information on voting.

Something About November 8, 2016 – Decision Day #vote2016 #election2016


Tuesday, November 8th is the day that American’s have been waiting for it seems forever. We will know (hopefully) who will be the next President of The United States. It has been a very long process of primary votes, debates, campaigning and more debating. Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have made this election cycle a very memorable one. It has been one for the history books. State and local races will be decided tomorrow too so that will impact people more directly.

Almost 44 million votes have been cast in early voting but tomorrow the rest of America will have their say. It’s going to be a very interesting Tuesday evening watching the results coming from across the country. It will be a late night for many but I am hoping the race will be hopefully called by 11 PM.

I will be blogging about decision day throughout tomorrow. Check back to see what I am thinking. Tomorrow is a big day.

America, One Week From Today…After The Vote #election2016 #2016vote

America will be a different place one week from today. We will have elected our first woman as President in Hillary Clinton or we will have elected Donald Trump. The race is tightening and people are on edge. One thing we can agree with is that we are all ready for this to be done with. My country is a very divided place at the moment. Whoever is elected will have to unify us somehow, although I don’t see it happening soon. After we vote, what then, who will we be? What will our destiny hold? Many other questions shall be asked too.

It will be interesting to see what happens next Tuesday night as our votes are being counted and the electoral college map gets filled out in blue for Democrats and red for Republicans (thanks to the late Tim Russert of NBC News for that color coding idea a few years ago). In the USA it takes 27o electoral votes to win the Presidency. The popular vote doesn’t always decide the outcome so there is another point of discussion.

Yesterday I voted and I feel good about my ballot. You probably can guess how I voted though.

The next six days will be tense. We shall see how it all shakes out.

Something About This Election

Donald Trump is not a good man and how he has become candidate for President of the United States still baffles me. Video of him talking about his celebrity privilege to interact with women in an inappropriate way was brought to light yesterday and has created a firestorm for the candidate.

He is a boorish bully. Trump by his own words has demeaned women, minorities, the disabled and so many more. His running mate is not safe for the LGBTQ community because of laws passed during his term of Governor of Indiana. Republicans continue to look to the hard right in nominating their candidates which really never works out for those who vote for them. I also feel that the right-wing is using Christians to perpetuate and advance agendas that work against the least of these and those on the fringes.

Achieving peace doesn’t mean advancing war to get there. Too many men and women have been sent to the front lines unnecessarily. People like me support our military, we just don’t want them to have to go war without a really good reason.

If elected, Donald Trump would put the country and even the world in peril. Not only his temperament but his world view is troubling and somewhat dangerous.

My candidate for President, Hillary Clinton is not without issues. She is still by far the best choice at this time for America. She has the all the qualifications and the experience of being in government that will help people. There is also a historic element of her possibly being the first woman to be elected President of the United States. People bring up her emails and Benghazi but after spending millions of dollars in prosecuting and persecuting her there hasn’t been anything that to me is a massive red flag.

With all due respect, I think the GOP should be thinking about 2020 when they will have a chance at a do-over. The person they nominated is not a safe person to have in a school-house or even the White House.

There is a debate tomorrow which should be interesting. Let’s see how both candidates will respond to average, everyday people.

Clinton and Trump to finally meet on debate stage – The Washington Post

A roller coaster of a campaign 18 months in the making arrives Monday at a huge moment for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: a 90-minute debate, with much of the nation expected to tune in amid great uncertainty about what they’ll see. Clinton and Trump to finally meet on debate stage – The Washington Post

Tonight is a huge moment in the American presidential election. Hillary Clinton will debate Donald Trump in front of the nation. It will be on all the network channels and cable news outlets. Hillary is more experienced in this format because of her 2008 but I am not counting out what Donald will do. This is a huge event and will tell us where we are in the process.

The New Hampshire Primary

It looks like Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump Has won the Republican Primary in New Hampshire.