Inauguration Day In America #InaugurationDay #BidenHarris

Today is The Day! Joe Biden becomes President of The United States and Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and first person of color to become Vice President. Here’s to a uneventful day where the peaceful transfer of power can take place. May God be with the new administration in the coming days and may they do good for everyone.

Tomorrow, America Will Build Back Better #BidenHarris2020 #InaugurationDay

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Kamala Devi Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice President of The United States of America on January, 20 2021. Tomorrow is a new day and I for one am so glad for it. I have high hopes for the new team at the White House. It is time to indeed Build Back Better!

Victory For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris One Week Ago Today

The 2020 Election was called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris one week ago today. It was a great day where things seemed to look brighter for America. Now we look forward to votes being certified then Inauguration on January 20th. There is still much work to do to deal with Coronavirus, the economy and more issues facing America and the world.

President-Elect Joe Biden, The Person For The Present

Joe Biden is not demographic friendly. At age 78 he will be the oldest person to serve as President Of The United States. Some would rather have someone younger.

What he offers is experience and empathy. Those are important tools that are needed now more than ever to rebuild America better than it was before.

Is Biden perfect, no. But we don’t need perfect right now we need steady leadership and someone who will build bridges. To me this is going a time when Americans both liberal and conservative need to come together.

Senator Kamala Harris, Vice President-Elect

Kamala Harris is going to be able to communicate and offer her experience as a prosecutor to make a lot of good things happen in this new administration.

The work of reconciliation, renewal, revival and restoration now begins.

Let’s be united. It’s about time.

Vote For Joe Biden For President!

Donald Trump is a virus. Joe Biden is the cure. On Tuesday, November 3rd we must defeat a threat to our nation and the world so we can restore what is right and decent in America. Vote to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

I have done my part. Have you?