Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 – Wow That Is Extreme

Tonight we finished Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 and I feel like I need a support group or something. My goodness that stretch of episodes was highly intense. Volume 2 comes out in July and that’s going to be even more extreme I predict.

Streaming and Dreaming

So many streams

So much Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime

So many choices, so little time

So many things to see and experience

So many stories to be told

So be careful when you binge lest you get old

So much, too much to pick from

After a while, it isn’t so much fun.

The Internet is bending but will it break

Because of the powerful streams, people are enjoying

Make time for yourself. Your favorite characters will be there when you get back

All this streaming can inspire some dreaming

Hey can you bring me some popcorn and a beverage or two

Stream, stream, stream is all we wanna do.

Enjoy your Mandalorian and that Baby Yoda too.

All of it is streaming to you.

Yeah, there’s too much to watch.

Finished Season 3 Of Stranger Things #strangerthings

This season was nostalgic with awesome storytelling and lots of character development. I thought it was the bomb. It was emotional too. Great stuff.

Beginning Season Two of The Crown


The Crown season two is a continuation of the story of Elizabeth II and Philip. So far its a lot grittier and hard-nosed as life gets more complicated for these two. In the beginning of the series she tends to affairs at home while he is on tour to getting to see the world and representing England to open the Olympics in Australia. There are other situations around the world that is impacting life in the United Kingdom.

I am enjoying this very much for the quality of acting by Claire Foy and Matt Smith. One sad thing I learned recently is that Foy was paid less thanSmith by Netflix and she is the lead in this series. Very troubling.

The Crown – Terrific Television, Royally Awesome


I am late to the party on this one but “The Crown” is royally awesome. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth II to perfection and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith plays Prince Philip masterfully. John Lithgow portrays Winston Churchill in such a prime way. So far I am mid-way through and every moment is terrific. I highly recommend this on Netflix.

Stranger Things – Season 2 Now Available #StrangerThings

The moment Stranger Things fans have been waiting for. Season two is now available for streaming on Netflix. Just in time for Halloween! Enjoy everyone.

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