Thought Of The Day 12122022

Blooming where you are planted can make more sense than trying to chase a brass ring or adding an extra zero or two to your paycheck. It’s incredible what good you can do for yourself and the world being where you are. Growth happens in familiar places.

Given A Chance

For something to grow and get better it must be given a chance to do so. We expect so much but become disappointed or disillusioned when something takes longer to develop and change than we hoped for. Patience is indeed a virtue and if we have it then we will see things get better.

Of course, it takes effort and work but results will show themselves in time. Instead of instant gratification let’s do things that will last and of course hope for the best. The payoff is going to be great if you let things play out.

Saturday Wisdom – Old School Mindset

I know a lot of men who are what you would call “old school” guys who embrace the culture and understanding of how they were raised. To be honest I have a little of that, but I never want to be so “old school” so that I cannot understand what it means to live in the here and now.

It is important to evolve and grow as one gets older. Relating to my friends in their 20’s is as important to me as relating to my peers. Some folks struggle with being relevant and I do to a point. Still don’t fully grasp Tik Tok, Snapchat and some of the lingo of the kids going around today although I will look stuff up to see what’s what.

Being “old school” in some things is good. Manners, how you treat others, respect, kindness, love, and some grace should be timeless. Those are things I will not abandon for something else that doesn’t make people feel appreciated.

Doing things to keep you feeling young in spirit is good. In my mind eating a meal with people of all ages would be fun. There is much to learn from one another. A lot of 20-somethings are out there with very old souls and some 50-somethings who never grew up. Maturity and aging are two different things.

Personally, I am a 51-year-old who frequently acts like a 15-year-old. It’s the nerd/geek in me that won’t let me be an old guy. And for that I am grateful.

Rock on good people.