The Thing About Recent Chaos

This is going to be one of those posts that is more of a reflection and recollection of very recent history.

A lot has happened in the first few months of 2020. Coronavirus has been with us for awhile. Last Sunday was Easter and tornadoes hit my city of Chattanooga, Tennessee with a natural fury. Weeks earlier it hit the cities of Nashville and Cookeville, Tennessee. It seems that would be plenty of stuff for a year let alone just four months or so.

There has been a lot of death and destruction this year. What is happening before our eyes is troubling and sad. In the midst of keeping people safe people are getting restless. People who lost everything are trying to figure out what to do next. For everyone this has been a time of taking in a lot of chaos and not having a lot of control over the circumstances.

The only thing about defeating chaos is to come together in community. Cooperating and collaborating. Being less individualistic and being more of a team player. Whether it be sheltering at home or cleaning up the remains from a storm its about being defiant in your love for those who share this life and space with you.

Now is a time to realize that chaos is always with us but we have a choice to react to it and meet it head on. There is not a easy solution and it will take time to make it through. No matter what you have to answer the call and see what your response to it will be.

Tornadoes In Nashville, Tennessee

I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee which is 2 hours from Nashville. They got hit with some serious tornadoes last night and 19 people are reported dead as of now. This is a fluid situation. Relief agencies in the area could use your contributions.

ABC Cancellations: Castle, Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Muppets, and The Family –


ABC is showing no mercy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has axed long-running drama Castle, fan-favorite series Marvel’s Agent Carter, musical comedy Galavant, beleaguered series The Muppets, and The Family, which is a show we’re told was on ABC. Earlier, the network canceled the country soap Nashville after four seasons.

Source: ABC Cancellations: Castle, Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Muppets, and The Family –

Wow, ABC Television used a machete in its cancellations today. A lot of liked shows got the axe. The three most important are Castle and Nashville which had enthusiastic followings. It will be interesting to see what they trot out for the fall and where stars of these shows end up.