My Homeland Lies Elsewhere

We have a world where being different is not cool in reality. Conforming to ideals and ideas that come from cruelty and hate seems to be expected. People who you thought were your neighbors are the ones wanting to harm you instead. Waving a flag just because you are expected to or obeying the words of leaders who seek to cause people more harm than good is not what some folks signed up for well they were born into it so they don’t have much choice in the matter.

My friends, my homeland lies elsewhere

I dream of a place where people are allowed to be their authentic selves. Space so they can breathe and dream and hope and love with passion. A time where they can live long days and nights with little cares in the world. Where people will do no harm and legislate how we are to live our lives. May we find this place sooner rather than later. May it come in our day. No matter our gender, sexuality, religion, politic, ethnicity, race and all the other labels may everyone have a home to call their own and a seat at every table. This is where I want to call home.


A Ramble About Home

Home is where you lay your head and hang your hat. Having a roof over your head gives you a place to be yourself. I could also say it’s where your tribe is whether it be by blood or by friendship. Your home is also a place that changes as you age. Some folks need a home where you feel secure and safe. Home is something everyone needs.

Happy Saturday Friends

It’s the weekend finally my good people. Whatever you are doing I hope it’s all good and fun, or something like that. After a very interesting week I am glad to be chilling out at home. This morning I made pancakes and sausage and I have consumed two cups of coffee. I also slept in later than normal which was good. At the moment my dog is curled up next to me in the seat normally occupied by his mommy. Right at this moment life is good and I hope it’s good for all of you my friends.