Doctor Who – Season 9 Finale Tonight

Season 9 of Doctor Who concludes tonight and much has happened with The Doctor. Clara Oswald passed away is the big happening this season along with some great adventures. There is also this hybrid thing that has come into play. He returns to Gallifrey for the finale which is going to be a great story. It just seems the season started but Doctor Who like other British series have short seasons. Let’s see what happens tonight and leading up to the Christmas special with River Song!

‘Doctor Who’: The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ recreated by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman |

Source: ‘Doctor Who’: The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ recreated by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman |

This is way cool. Very fitting tribute to two British institutions.


Doctor Who, The New Season Starts Tonight!

ItIf it's Saturday...It's Doctor Who is a high holy day in the nerd/geek community today. A new season of Doctor Who​ is upon us. The Doctor and Clara are here to save the day. I am excited to see what adventures await. The one thing about this show is that it is fluid but also stays the same which is interesting for a time traveling Time Lord. I predict tonight is going to be good on BBC America.

Doctor Who Companion Jenna Coleman is Departing

Farewell souffle girl, you brought some spark and moxie to your role as Clara Oswald. Your time as the companion will be remembered. Thank you for the good memories.

Epic New Doctor Who Trailer Just Released.

The newest Doctor Who trailer is out and its a massive tease. This shows much more action than we saw in last season. There are a few new and familiar faces here too. I can’t wait til September 19th!

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Doctor Who – Season 9 Coming Soon!

I can’t wait til the next season of the adventures of The Doctor and Clara Oswald. The trailers are getting me excited for what is to come. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are great together. September 19th can’t come fast enough.