Keeping Up With Community

I am discovering I can’t keep up with every post from my blogging community, it’s really hard to do so. Conversely  I don’t expect you to keep up with every one of my posts and you know how much I post in a day. This is something I shouldn’t stress about because life has plenty for me to be stressed out about. I am grateful for those who visit when they have time and appreciate their interest. Keep on blogging everyone.

Keeping Up With The Bloggers

In as many followers I have, I follow just as many fellow bloggers. Keeping up with posts can be a challenge. Blogging in my mind requires one read inasmuch as they write. Usually you can find inspiration for your own blog by checking out the blogs of others. I enjoy finding new blogs because it’s like finding a new character on a TV show or a movie and they add something unique to your feed. To me a blog is like a book and the blogger is the lead in this tale.

I use the WordPress reader and sometimes Feedly to manage the blogs I am following. No one likes to miss a good post but in this busy world we live in it happens. Thank goodness for archive links so catching up is possible. Blogging is meant to be fun and it should be fun. What do you think?

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