Kindness Needed For A Short-Staffed World

This is a solid message for all of us. Everything is short-staffed these days and for those who report for work it’s a good thing to be kind. The world needs some kindness for those who are just trying to get by and to make a living.

Sunday Reflection: Treat With Kindness

I strive to treat people with kindness. Being kind can be difficult at times though. One should not expect kindness in return but is sure nice when it is.

Our world needs kindness. Not only being kind to others which I’m good at but kindness to ourselves which I’m not so good at.

Life is hard and kindness can solve things of the heart and spirit. Resolve to be kind for goodness sake.

Be Kind In The Crisis #COVID19

Be kind to one another and have patience as we go through this time of the global health crisis. We have a lot of people who will need much love and healing through all this. Don’t panic (much) but keep a level head. Now is the time to be practical and thoughtful.  We have been through trials like Coronavirus/COVID19 before. Let’s hope for healing in so many ways very soon.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.