The provocative faith of Lady Gaga – The Washington Post

In an American context where the media equates religion with social conservatism, Lady Gaga represents a welcome, non-fundamentalist Christianity. She is the closest pop culture version, in values if not tone, to her fellow Catholic, Pope Francis. She champions Christian values not of exclusion and discrimination but of empowerment, grace and self-acceptance.

Source: The provocative faith of Lady Gaga – The Washington Post

A terrific article about one of the great performers of this day. She is inspiring and hits you in the heart and soul like a good songwriter should. I am a fan of this person who does more than many in the faith of Christianity to build bridges of acceptance and hope for those who have been made to feel they aren’t worthy.

Super Bowl Halftime Show By Lady Gaga #sb51

The incredibly talented Lady Gaga will be doing the Pepsi Half Time Show at Super Bowl LI (51). She is a fantastic performer who sang the US national anthem at last years game in San Francisco. She is sure to bring the house down in Houston.