Pope Francis and Civil Unions

As a believer, I am in favor of LGBTQ marriage. Pope Francis is taking a step of faith and courage to call for civil unions. This is a step in a positive direction where people who love one another can create a loving, caring union that benefits the world.

Love is indeed love!

Happy Valentine’s Day From King Henry VIII


King Henry VIII was a player and a slayer and a historic figure. He was married six times. To find out more about his love life visit The Historic Royal Places website to find out more about his wives who made history of their own. Some survived and some died. I think he was a boorish and cruel man but he isn’t the only leader in world history to be like that.

Love Wins, One Year Ago


One year ago the United States Supreme Court decided in favor of marriage equality in Obergefell v. Hodges. Since then thousands of couples around the country have the right to marry the one they love. LGBTQ people can realize the hopes, dreams, benefits and promise of marriage. I salute my friends who are now living the life they fought for and dreamed about for years. May God bless them all today. Love does win, every time.

A Reflection on This Day of Equality

I am seeing the LGBTQ community today and their elation of the events of the day and I see the joy and love happening here…then I compare that to the Christian community and I don’t see that so much. Many are so mired down in their dogma and the things they have been taught from time and memorial and they just seem so sad. They feel that what is happening is the downfall of society and that wrath will be unleashed.

I am a believer in God’s story being written daily and that maybe love is more important than theology or doctrine so perhaps we should celebrate that fact. People get to love who they choose and I know God has brought them together for a purpose to change the world for the better. Maybe Christians should learn from the LGBTQ community and figure out how to find joy like that so they too can do amazing things like inclusion and justice.

Just my two cents worth.

Love Wins Today, Love Does Win


I am grateful to have a loving wife who I am sharing this life with. I am grateful that my friends who have fought to share their lives with people they love get that chance too. May God bless us all who seek to live together in love and peace.


Love wins today! Love wins!