Maundy Thursday, A Time Of Humility and Reflection

Maundy Thursday is the day Christians remember Jesus gathered with the disciples in an upper room where he washed their feet and shared a meal with them the night before his trial and crucifixion. It’s a time of humility and reflection as well.

Serve One Another, A Foot Washing


Tonight was the Maundy Thursday service at church and it involves a foot washing. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a act of service and love. A foot washing is a very intimate and very special part of sharing the love for others. Feet do a lot for us and we have to care for them symbolically and in a practical way.

Today Is Maundy Thursday

(From The Episcopal Church Website) The Thursday in Holy Week. It is part of the Triduum, or three holy days before Easter. It comes from the Latin mandatum novum, “new commandment,” from John 13:34. The ceremony of washing feet was also referred to as “the Maundy.” Maundy Thursday celebrations also commemorate the institution of the eucharist by Jesus “on the night he was betrayed.”

This evening at my parish, St. Peter’s Episcopal we will observe this event as a part of our Holy Week observances. Easter is one day, an important day but the story of it all begins on Palm Sunday leading up to Good Friday. The story of Easter is not complete without it’s backstory.