Pre-Memorial Day Reflection

Monday is Memorial Day in the USA where those who served and sacrificed everything in the military are remembered and honored. A solemn and serious time of reflection and honor to those who are no longer with us because they died for their nation.

APTOPIX Memorial Day California

It is my hope that those who have served and sacrificed over the past few years have done so for all Americans. Freedom and liberty are two words used a lot in the USA and it doesn’t seem everyone has access to those ideals that many people hold fast to their heart and soul.

Yes, I am a liberal but I respect those who chose to wear the uniform of this nation. Not everyone can or will make that choice and its an individual decision. Also not everyone is suited for this type of service. For those who serve who are also a part of the LGBTQ community thank you for being on the wall, on the front lines and doing so even though many in this country hates you just for being who you were born to be.

Let’s remember those who gave all but strive to make that sacrifice worth it for everyone. It’s the American way isn’t it?

Memorial Day 2018 In The USA #memorialday


Memorial Day or Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. On this day remember the ultimate sacrifice many have made to serve others and to advance the right to life, liberty and happiness for everyone.

America Observes Memorial Day, Remembering Sacrifice and Service

The Traveling Vietnam Wall during it’s stop in Chattanooga on July of 2016

Today in the United States we remember those who have given their lives in the defense of this country. Many who have gone into battle did not come home. Giving ones life is the ultimate sacrifice. Those who wear the uniform of their country are to be respected and honored because they are going into harms way. Many families mourn those who died on the battlefield and may they be comforted. May their loved ones and friends be remembered on this and every day.

A Memorial Day Reflection


Memorial Day is to recognize those who died in the defense and service of our country. I say there were plenty who died physically and plenty who died spiritually and emotionally. Death isn’t just about the body perishing it’s about leaving a part of one’s soul on the field of battle. We must remember those who died in more than one way today. Those who returned from war must be comforted and cared for along with those they left behind. Even those who died in a different way need love, care and support.

Music Monday: Memorial Day – Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

Memorial Day is a time to honor fallen members of the military in the United States of America. This song by Billy Ray Cyrus just seems to capture the spirit and the somberness of the holiday very well. He tells a great story in this song. Some gave all, we must remember.

Memorial Day 2016


To all those who have given their lives to the service of our country I say thank you. Young men and women from all walks of life sign up to join the service branch of their choice. They leave their homes and families to prepare themselves to defend our country. Many return while some  brave souls give their lives on the field of battle. It’s on this day we honor your sacrifice and remember the great things you did for us all.