Thought Of The Day 01232023

Everyone has a role to play in life. What you do for work matters to the makeup of a community. It’s a good thing when you see good things come from your labor. Hopefully, no one is looked down upon for doing the tough stuff that sometimes isn’t paid well. Supporting yourself, your family, and others is a noble thing. Pardon me for being a little cliche but it takes teamwork to make the dream work. Here’s to all of us who are getting things done and making a difference everywhere. The world needs us now more than ever.

A Strong Commentary On A Charlie Brown Christmas

Warning, I am about to lay waste to a venerated Christmas treasure. “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The girls in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are really horrible. They come across as bitchy and make Charlie feel like a total failure. Charlie should have just said screw this and walked out. He was treated horribly and all he wanted to do is help. Toxic Christmas spirit courtesy of Charles Shultz.

In every holiday movie including Hallmark Christmas Movies, there is some direct influence from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” such as finding a director for the Christmas pageant, commercialism, crushes, and dogs.

Also, why must they call him by his full name all the time? Charlie or Chuck would be just fine.

Also, why in the hell is it only on Apple Plus. Its a Christmas treasure that should be shared far and wide.

I am going to hell for this right?

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