A Sunday Reflection

This post might be narrow blogging to the team Jesus squad. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. These are some thoughts and I don’t want to start a debate.

Church and Christianity for that matter should be places of comfort for those who have hearts and souls that need mending after being damaged by various things. Dealing with the reality of life and its ugly stuff is hard work and the church should be a place where you can do that. I want less praise and worship and more blues and gangster rap.

Life is hard enough and Christians should be about helping people on the journey. People of faith are human beings. God is god and when that is realized freedom can be found. It is my hope that my church can be a safe haven for imperfect people. I hope this makes sense.

Something About Online Living

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIMAAAAJGY4NTIzYTIyLTlhNjUtNDljZS05YjZiLTFmNjkwZTJjN2MzOAIt seems so many people are living their lives online without stepping away to live it in reality. The lure of a virtual life is so much more appealing than that of a real existence. We find people who can’t differentiate what is artificial and what is actual.

When you un-friend someone on social media it could be interpreted as un-friending in the real world which is not the case but the two seem to have linkage in the hearts and minds of many.

People are emboldened to do and say things on social platforms that they might not say to your face. That in itself can cause many problems and can end friendships and family connections. You have to decide if it’s all worth it.

Everything is amplified online and there is no way to translate full meaning in text or words without possibly offending someone. Freedom of expression is a great thing but with it comes great care and responsibility. You have to know who you are conversing with and not everyone will get what you are saying could be humorous or even serious.

Your online life is to enhance your real world life not the other way around. Although for me I am always looking for things to blog about and to be inspired by what happens to me in daily living.

My friends it’s a very good thing to get out and get off-line for a bit. Get some fresh air, go to a coffee-house and meet friends face-to-face. Engage in conversations over a meal. If you have a porch invite your friends over for real face time. The social network has existed for years before computers or social networking. It will give you a lot of great ideas to post about.

Living online should be done in a measured way. Living off-line is where the action and adventure lies. Having the world at your fingertips does not replace having the world outside your door.

Perspective On Life and The World Courtesy of The Tennessee Aquarium

Fish and Sharks swimming at the Ocean’s Journey section of The Tennessee Aquarium

I was looking at this section of the Tennessee Aquarium and a couple things struck me. These animals don’t know what in the world is going on outside this tank. All of them are just living their lives the best way they know how to. Sure that shark can eat all the things in that tank but he doesn’t. Perhaps he has learned to live in peaceful co-existence with the other creatures in his small world. Yes there are handlers that take care of all their needs but still its a very peaceful life.

As I gazed upon this sight it relaxed me and it reminded me that you have to keep swimming in the case of the shark but being a part of something bigger is quite awesome. There was a relaxation thing too where seeing fish float and swim free of the cares that bog me down. Maybe we need to all just chill out and enjoy the place and space we have. I am glad I had this moment with these creatures and this place. Perhaps I need this more often.

Doing The Best You Can

One might think they are doing the best they can, however in the eyes of others are they? You always wonder if your efforts are truly making a difference or could you work harder. Even the people who are at the top of their field wonder am I giving it my all. Doing the best you can should be all anyone should expect even though they might not deserve it.

You also wonder if the people who give raises and opportunity are seeing you do your best when it counts the most. Praise is always good in this situation.

Sometimes we all wish others would give their best because so much of the burden is carried by ourselves. Without our best nothing gets accomplished. We all have to make things happen in all facets of life but there are times when we don’t want to do the best we can because we are just tired of it all.

Global Perspective

It’s good to be reminded that the east coast of the United States of America is not the center of the universe. Much happens here but its not the only place where important things happen. It’s good to get perspectives from people from other parts of the world. Blogging is a good example of how connected we are. We do indeed live in a world community. Our globe is made up people from all walks of life in all the great places of creation and I am grateful for that.