Photo Challenge: Magic

I am a believer in the magic of things, people, religion and our world. Magic can be a all encompassing thing to bring the elements of life together. Every person has some magic in them to do amazing things if they choose to. We are all bearers of a certain magic to change lives hopefully for the better. It doesn’t take a spell or a incantation or a potion all it takes is love, touch or perhaps just being there. However if you have the ability to do a patronus or something like that then you are quite remarkable.

Be good wizards and witches and magicians and all that for the world around us needs it now more than ever. It is magic, you know. You can do magic!

If you can be Harry, Ron or Hermione do that!

(My pictures above are from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida)

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Photo Challenge: Tiny


Courtesy of HGTV

In a world where bigger is seen as better perhaps something smaller is going counter-culture. The tiny home movement has been a huge part of that shift into downsizing and simplifying ones life. How much space does one person really need to live efficiently. Perhaps the drama in our lives is the amount of stuff we have crammed into it. Living big sometimes means you have a smaller footprint. Smaller spaces can inspire big style and big functionality. There seems to be a lesson where tiny is the new big.

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