It’s Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday and its time to race to the stores for the best bargains. This satire commercial from Saturday Night Live captures the essence of the day. Bobby Moynahan and Anne Hathaway are really funny in this. 

#TBT Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving Song, Adam Sandler from Saturday Night Live #SNL

One week from now people in the USA will be celebrating Thanksgiving. This song by Adam Sandler from Saturday Night Live is a classic. I for one am looking forward to next week to celebrate with family.

Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song

This is a classic parody song about Thanksgiving from Adam Sandler who was a cast member of Saturday Night Live. It’s really funny. (This video was from a TV broadcast shot on a digital camera.)

David S. Pumpkins – A New Classic From Saturday Night Live

This skit from the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live features frequent host and Oscar winner Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins. This is silly fun for the day.