Status Update

Good Tuesday good people. I hope all is well with you all.

Things have calmed down in my world. Thank goodness.

It’s supposed to rain here in Chattanooga, Tennessee most of the week so we are all buying rowboats. I am not a fan of the wet stuff.

Today I’m working and trying to be productive. Isn’t that what work is about.

Welcome to the new folks following along in the past couple of days. I hope you will enjoy what you see and will give feedback. May you not be bored here.

Let’s do this everyone. Have a great day.

Status Update

What a weekend. My dad is doing better but needs to be sure his medicine will help his condition. There are other things that have kept me busy too. I hope the week ahead will be uneventful. Let’s see how it goes. Have a great week ahead my friends.

Status Update

Hello friends, it was a Tuesday wasn’t it. I am not a fan of Monday’s ugly step-sister/brother. At work I reached my quota and that is always good. The country continues to baffle me but that is for another post all together. Let’s hope the evening will be good. Love and peace to you all good people. Later on I might have a Oscar’s post.