Attention Teachers, You Are Awesome!

To all the teachers and other educational staff people out there who are wondering what the hell is going on this fall due to Covid-19 I want you to know you are all awesome and what you do truly matters. Hopefully, you will have a safe year ahead and your work is a noble one. Certainly, you don’t get paid enough. Peace to you all amongst the chaos.

Teacher Appreciation Week #teacherappreciationweek

To all the teachers out there who get it done in the classroom I salute you. Thank you for being in the trenches to make our future as a global community better. You make the world a better place by teaching the lessons of life in a meaningful and profound way. Teach your children well and they will do awesome things. This Teacher Appreciation Week is to shine a light on the special people you are. Thank the teachers who meant a lot to you today!