Covid-19 Is Still Real Y’all

For those who think the Covid-19 scare is over, think again. People who are trying to take care of others are still getting it. This is not a hoax like some would like you to think. Remain vigilant and take care of others and yourself while you are at it.

Not Feeling The Flag and Fireworks Right Now

I admit patriotism is the last thing on my mind with the suffering going on. COVID and racial unrest should be dealt with. As long as people are dying and treated like second-class citizens then the promise of this nation is not being fulfilled. To me the fourth this year will just be another day.

I say this not to disparage the service of veterans but to just say that fireworks and flags aren’t what should be our focus right now.

The Thing About: The Virus

Allow me to be serious for a minute or a little more. Over 90,000 people in this country and 317,000 around the world have died from COVID-19. Now is not the time to have strange conspiracy theories or to play the blame game. Energy would best be used in finding a cure for this deadly virus.

This pandemic has already changed the course of history forever and we have to remain focused on preventing people from getting the virus and caring for those who are sick with it. Deaths along with job losses have impacted people more than anything else in recent memory.

Spreading false information is going to get people more people killed. It would be awful to see another spike in cases and deaths. People have to behave, do their parts, and be true neighbors so that everyone will be safe.

Rumor has it that it’s the twenty-first century, let us act like it.

Masks On Good People For The Health Of Us All #Coronaviris

I’m doing my part to save lives and to help my family. Masks are important in the times we live in. Of course staying home is important. Be safe and well everyone.

We Can’t Return To Normal

We cannot return to normal because what was normal has failed us. A health care system built on profit and balance sheet instead of the care of human beings. So many people are dying not just of Coronavirus in a place where many profess to cherish life. Health is a human right given to us from a creator who loves each one of us. Holding on the notion that you can be cured if you have the financial resources is morally wrong in every way. Instead of thinking about excuses as to why we can’t have a new way forward to care for the children of God come up solutions as to making it happen. My friends I don’t want to go back to what we had because its killing people. I value people and life and love above anything else and you should too.