Thanksgiving In Canada

To all my friends in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving today I hope you have a wonderful day of togetherness, feasting, and reflection. As you gather think about the tough days of the past and work toward a better future. Truth and reconciliation can be found around a table while sharing a meal. I know I am thankful for Canada. Have safe and peaceful day with your family, friends and others.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends #Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving day here in America. A day set aside for us to give thanks for what we have. It’s a very different Thanksgiving in the world of COVID-19 we live in. There are many reasons to have a grateful heart among the tragedy and turmoil. Be mindful of those we have lost in these months and those who are working and serving on a day where being with loved ones is the rule of the holiday.

My hope is that you are gathered in small groups around a table enjoying a meal that will bring you together or virtually connecting on Zoom or an old fashioned phone call.

To all around the world may you have a spirit of thanks on this day. Grace and peace and love to all.

Have a great day everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

To everyone around the world I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. May the spirit of America’s day of thanks be in your hearts and minds today. To my countrymen, give thanks and eat well today. Grace and peace!

Thank You, You Know Who You Are.

There are lots of people who have been there for me through the years. I don’t think I say thank you enough to them. Without their generosity and care my life would be very different. We all need to be extravagant with our thanks and gratitude to everyone who makes our lives better. Our lives are not meant to be spent on an island so we have to be in this life together. I can’t list everyone I need to thank, that would be a really big blog post but I just want to say thank you everyone, you know who you are. Once again, thanks!

Thank you to for inspiring this post.