Winning The Game Of Life

The best game to win is the game of life and you can score big points by helping others. Wearing a mask, donating blood, giving to a food bank, volunteering for a local charity, recycling, advocating for the less fortunate, all of it can be good for you and for others. Do these things because it will make you a winner in the eyes of many and a hero too.

Status Update

It’s a good day so far. Got my car back after a month of being in the shop for body repairs. The weather is nice and it’s Thursday so things are looking up. Hope you are doing well today fellow nerds. Keep on rocking and rolling with equal intensity.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hello good people it’s Thursday where I am and there are plenty of things ahead today. There are challenges at work that must be faced. I am reminded this is a new day with opportunities to make life interesting. Rejoice in today and in those who make it possible. So as I always say lets do this, whatever this is.

To all my followers and new followers thanks for tagging along. I appreciate you all. Blogging is always more fun when its done in community.

Have a swell day. Love, peace and grace ya’ll. Rock on!

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Just a reminder of what tomorrow is.