The Things You Wish You Had Never Seen

There are many things you come across online or in life in general that you wish you had never seen. For me yesterday was one of those situations where I saw something that was very surprising. The things that you can’t “unsee” seem to stick with you for a while but soon become a fleeting memory. Now some things you come across can disappoint you and leaves a longer impression.

The old saying goes that a picture can paint a thousand words and you know that is timeless wisdom. Maybe we need to look at things a new way or get new things to look at. Don’t forget to stop and smell the lovely roses (but scent is a sense that is for another post)

See what I mean?

A Ramble About Perception

Perception is a very hard thing to overcome when its historically negative. Reputation is a hard thing to manage when people still think the value of something is less than something that is seen as bigger and that it’s better in the mind of many. What people see in something almost everything.