Another Ramble About Perception

Perception is a very tricky thing. The appearance of a thing is not always what that thing is truly about. There could be more to the story. Everyone has to overcome perceptions about ourselves that can lead to misunderstandings or worse. Just because it looks weird doesn’t mean it always is weird.

Maybe asking questions and not jumping to conclusions can help one understand what is going on in any situation. Everything about us is judged and that is unfair but it’s a reality. You have to watch your p’s and q’s as they say so that people won’t think bad things about you or anything you might be doing. It’s a bad thing that perception and judging are close cousins if not siblings.

A Ramble About Perception

Perception is a very hard thing to overcome when its historically negative. Reputation is a hard thing to manage when people still think the value of something is less than something that is seen as bigger and that it’s better in the mind of many. What people see in something almost everything.