It’s That Time Of Year Again, Back To School Supply Shopping

Walmart has their school supplies out for sale now. Whether it be grade or high school or maybe college now is the time to pick up those supplies. It will be a weird year I feel for students around the world. Let’s see if the return to the classroom really happens.

Toys For The Christmas Season Of Fun

These toys caught my eye tonight at Walmart as I was picking up some prescriptions among other things. Toys remind me that this is a season of wonder, imagination, creativity and fun. All those things are important to children of all ages.

Pokemon Hunting At Walmart


Yes I am still playing Pokemon Go and I imagine many others are doing the same. Today we went to Walmart for a few things and while there I racked up on Pokemon including this new one I added to my collection. So not only can you walk out with $200 worth of stuffs you can level up to a new level in the game. Always low prices and lots of Pokemonsters too.

With no Walmart, Texas town has no grocery store – Videos – CBS News

Walmart has closed 154 stores in 27 states, resulting in over 10,000 employee layoffs. Many of the stores that closed were the only source of groceries in the areas they served. David Begnaud is in Whitewright, Texas, where residents now have to drive 22 miles for groceries.

Source: With no Walmart, Texas town has no grocery store – Videos – CBS News

When Walmart moved into these communities they led to the closure of stores that existed for years before. Pretty crummy if you ask me.