It Finally Stopped Raining Where I Live


It finally stopped raining here in the Chattanooga area. We have had 3 straight days of it and we haven’t seen the Sun since Friday I think. Rumor has it that it will make an appearance today. I know rain is a necessary thing but when it keeps coming it can be hard to get around. The rain can give you the blues especially if you make your living outdoors. Needless to say I am ready to dry out a bit. Excuse the language of my graphic but the sentiment is real.

Tired Of The Rain Already

It’s been raining here off and on for the last couple of days and I am ready for it to stop. Yes rain is necessary to replenish and nourish nature but I kind of hate getting wet. It’s Fall in North America but does it have to rainfall so much. Wow, let’s dry things up a little. But hey, our hydrangeas and grass are getting watered for free.

Hurricane Katrina – 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago one of the worst natural disasters took place when Hurricane Katrina came ashore in the gulf coast impacting millions of people and caused many to lose their lives. The damage was in the billions of dollars and to this day people are still recovering. Places like New Orleans were hit hardest and people of all economic levels had their lives changed forever. The cities Lower 9th Ward were the people struggle daily to make a living were impacted the most. People who lived there for decades found themselves homeless. Fortunately thousands of people were able to escape to various places where they were taken in by cities and total strangers. Many of those people relocated to other places like my hometown of Chattanooga.

Today I remember that historic event that changed our country forever. Hurricane Katrina still is on the minds of many who saw what it did and for many who survived it. May we never forget what that devastating storm did and may we be mindful it can happen again.

Prelude To Fall

The temperatures and humidity have come down over the past couple of days. This evening there is a bit of a chill in the air. Could it be that Fall is around the corner. Lets hope the weather is Fall-like. I am ready for a cool down around here. But this is Tennessee and there are still surprises in store.

And Now My Local Weather

I am over the heat and humidity. So ready for Fall. This morning it was already hot and sticky. Yes I know its worse in other places but here its just time for a cool down.

After The Storm

We survived some nasty storms that came through the area yesterday afternoon and evening. This line of storms carried some nasty winds and rain with loads of lightning and thunder. After the storm is a time see what it did to ones property and the surrounding area. Some places had tornadoes while others just high winds that does its own sort of damage. The funny thing is that it rained hard but there wasn’t a lot of standing water this morning in our yard. Perhaps we needed the rain more than we thought. We lost power overnight but we got it back around 6 AM this morning which was good. Needless to say we are glad we made it though.

Life’s storms come and go but after each event we can evaluate how we coped and what we need to do to survive the next event. There is a metaphor there I believe.


We have had a lot of Summertime rain here in the Chattanooga area lately. It has rained every day for awhile now. The rain can stop anytime now. I wish it would like go to places out west like California that need it desperately because they are in a drought situation. Rain is necessary to life but there can be too much of a good thing. The thing about rain is that can color ones mood and ruin ones plans. I am ready for some drier days ahead with an occasional shower. It’s Summertime after all and it should be sunny after all.