Old Soul, Young Soul, Age To Age

I am a older person who wants to have a younger soul, spirit, attitude. There are younger folks who have a old soul. Perhaps they both have something to contribute to the world..

We live in a world that is constantly changing and we have a choice to keep up or get left behind. How we relate to the world says something about us. People can embrace the new things going on or reject it by having the desire to live in the past.

As a older person I want to live in the world of the now and to understand it better. Remaining relevant is important because it informs you that you can still learn new things and meet people where they are. We all know people who live in the past and like it that way. Nothing in their lives changes.

Perhaps its a challenge to live in the here and now because you have to keep up. I think you can be a person of all generations while preserving the memories of your own era in time. The key thing is to live and learn where you are in the place you are.

There is a saying that old age ain’t for sissies and there is also a saying that youth will be served. Age to age, wisdom is still something everyone needs.