A Day Of Fun At The Tennessee Aquarium In #Chattanooga (Slideshow)

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My hometown of Chattanooga is home to one of the great aquariums in the world. The Tennessee Aquarium has been around since 1992 which makes it 25 years old. Thousands of visitors each year come here to encounter fish, otters, penguins, birds, butterflies, sharks, primates and so much more. It’s a great educational institution that brings people to the city to learn more. We got tickets from some very generous friends and made a family day of it. It’s kind of nice to play tourist in your own city. I hope you enjoy this slideshow of what we saw.

Saturday Afternoon At The Chattanooga Zoo

Chattanooga has a small but great zoo that opened its doors to the public for free today. We took advantage of the offer today. It was a great opportunity to get some exercise, some fresh air and to do some Pokemon Go playing. Going to the zoo puts your life in perspective that you share this planet with animals who are just trying to survive too. We enjoyed our time there and will be sure to go back.