Was It Me, Or No?

Sometimes when a friend or acquaintance does not respond to your efforts to reach out and communicate it makes you wonder if it was something you did or said to offend. I am a natural born worrier so I am concerned if I screwed up or something along the way. Maybe it’s paranoia or perhaps there is something to it. I can get a little too enthusiastic about my friendships so that can rub some the wrong way. However it takes two to tango as they say. Was it me, or no? It’s all crazy ya know.

7 thoughts on “Was It Me, Or No?

  1. Lots of reasons someone would not respond either by choice or due to illness or something like that. If they usually respond much sooner than it has been, then you can just check in one more time and let them know you are there if they want to talk. The leave it go and let it be.

    There are certain kinds of people that end relationships when they have used you up and then they move on. It could just be one of those people. They give you no closure to the relationship, no matter how much you ask them to.

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