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Something About Connections

It’s amazing the connections we make with people who we never thought we would become friends with. Some folks surprise you when they want to be your pal. Those connections reveal the depth of our hearts and souls that we look past appearances into something greater. Friendships are a vital part of our world and we all need them. It is through our friendships that we learn more about ourselves. We need to be wary that we see ourselves poorly when others reject us though. Each of us are valuable people and its great when others see it and sometimes let us know that value. Connections are cool!

Rambling About Opinions And Friendships

Everyone has opinions on things they feel passionately about. It’s also a popular thing to post that opinion on your social feed. Some folks will support and agree with you while others won’t. Certainly there are situations when debate and disagreement has been so strong that it causes friendships to be strained and some to end.

I think everyone should have the freedom to express themselves without being punished for it when it goes contrary to the opinion of others. There are some good people I have had to unfriend/un-follow on Facebook because they consistently and constantly post things that are born from ignorance and intolerance. Yes you might say I am being intolerant too but when someone is so radical and outspoken you just need to free yourself of it.

There are times when losing friendships happens because of your views and what you stand for. Yes it’s sad when you go through that but perhaps it might be for the best. I have to think there will be other people who will step in the gap and become your friend because they value what you have to say and what you believe. A solid friendship will remain despite the differences however if you find that a friend cannot see your point of view then perhaps is that friendship worth preserving ?

Tolerance is a hard thing, understanding is even harder, love is the hardest thing you have to do. Remember you have to be yourself and your opinions matter too.

Was It Me, Or No?

Sometimes when a friend or acquaintance does not respond to your efforts to reach out and communicate it makes you wonder if it was something you did or said to offend. I am a natural born worrier so I am concerned if I screwed up or something along the way. Maybe it’s paranoia or perhaps there is something to it. I can get a little too enthusiastic about my friendships so that can rub some the wrong way. However it takes two to tango as they say. Was it me, or no? It’s all crazy ya know.

Rambling on Differences of Opinion

It’s OK for friends to have a difference of opinion. No two people are alike. Opinions can bring people together or fracture friendships. I do worry about what people think…maybe its a little self esteem thing or perhaps a little fear of someone not liking me anymore. Even the best of friends can disagree. Sometimes it’s good not to overthink it and not make it an issue.

Rambling About Personal Friendships and Relationships

I read about a lot of people who cut people out of their lives. Ending relationships and friendships is not an easy decision to make. For a long time I did that with one person I had a spiritual and historical connection with. Some folks change so radically and its not always in ones best interest to keep them around in your lives.

Dysfunctional relationships are painful and often times you have to end them. I really try to offer grace and patience in all the relationships I have with people but I have my limits. Relating to people means having some humility and finding out more about who they are. We live in a time of where personal issues or “drama” as we like to call it can be so magnified on social media and through technology that we make snap judgements about things. I am guilty of that as well as everyone else.

My hope is to keep as many friends as I can, do my best to be there for them and not worry about not being liked by everyone I know. The key thing is to be myself and to be the best person I can be. Sometimes quality friendships are more important than how many friends you have.