Precision of Language

When you are speaking everything you say means something. We all use slang and jargon to express ourselves daily. Some slang you hear out and about and you think that is cool but in reality it isn’t, its hurtful or insulting. I learned this lesson today by using a word that I had no idea had a different sort of connotation by some friends who are people of color. Precision of language is important and choosing words carefully matters. I felt kind of stupid and insensitive. However I learned something and hopefully I won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

If I ever say anything offensive to you please let me know. There are a lot of people here from around the world and there will be a time when any one of us will use language that could be offensive to someone. It’s important to inform and to forgive. We need more grace in situations where we unintentionally offend a friend.

You may think this sounds like political correctness, it’s not, it’s just being a good neighbor who wants to get along and to exercise human kindness.

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