And Wait For The Feedback

Whenever you post anything you then wait for some sort of response to what you have created. Sometimes the wait is very short and other times the wait is very long. One should never expect 100% positive comments to ones post but when a person comes in hot with some really negative space feedback then it kind of jars you makes you feel like perhaps you should have said something different.

Here’s how I respond to negative space feedback…I delete it. Yep, delete immediately. This blog is here to promote positivity (but realism definitely has its place here) and I want to make that point clear for everyone. Yeah I am a sensitive person that’s why I take time away from Facebook when things get too hot there. My blog is a refuge, a haven and I don’t want to respond to negative stuff.

I will never get personal or attack anyone however I do reserve to be righteously angry about injustice, hatred and that sort of thing. When you write something personal and meaningful to you I think there should be some safe space and perhaps saying nothing is better than going negative.

And yet we all wait for the feedback and hope that its good, constructive and helpful.

8 thoughts on “And Wait For The Feedback

  1. I’ve been lucky enough not to get much negative feedback yet. The only couple of times it happened, I knew the people who strongly disagreed with me, and I dealt with them in private… But you are right, no matter what we post, we always hope for feedback of some sort 🙂 Otherwise, we wouldn’t share our thoughts!

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  2. I understand you created this space and what you want to get out of it. No one should have a problem with that. This is not the place to have an argument with you.
    On the other hand I created my blog for different reasons. I post controversial and current event topics. I encourage discussion and conversation in a civilized manner. How ever I do sometimes get feedback that is insulting, argumentative, and disagreeable to say the least. I should mention that I get a lot or feedback that is positive and informative. I try to remember to be civil and reasonable in replying to attacking comments on my blog as I try to set the example. I do not always do as well as I would like in that regard. Be well and enjoy your blog, you have that right. Hugs

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  3. On the vertical isnt it nice to know that we are always heard, received and answered by a loving Father? Never fear that voice cuz He gave it to you.
    Blessings from SC.
    (P.S. in another blogging life I was hacked, my work stolen, my identity stolen… So I do understand.

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  4. I have found WordPress followers to be very polite and supportive, at least so far in my two years of blogging. I would also delete anything negative and just not go there. In the horse world there is some very serious negativity and bullying in social media but so far it has not reached my blog.

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  5. I always feel lucky if someone hits “Like” haha! If I get a comment I over the moon. If it was negative and least that would be a starting point. It’s so easy to moderate comments–thank goodness! 😀

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  6. I don’t think I’ve had really bad feedback…yet…I think I’d only delete a comment if it was threatening or just mean AND non-productive. I’ve deleted comments on my Instagram when people have sworn and called me names rather than have a discussion.

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