Yet Another Theme Change…

I wanted to do something different than just a blog and to challenge my ability to take a stock theme and customize it to the way I wanted it to look. Using the Sela theme that is somewhat light and airy I tweaked it using some CSS and gave it the Tony touch. The blog functions as a website as well as a blog so I have the best of both worlds. Let me know how you like it and is it easy to navigate. Thanks for putting up with my changing stuff around. As long as you can read it on all your devices that is what I am going for.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Theme Change…”

  1. T-Bird can I say this is a slightly worse than the old one for me reading it. Yet not enough I would stop reading. Look honestly, you need to have your blog based on your needs. For me I Needed the biggest write area with a right sidebar. I tried several kinds and they worked for years. I got to the point that where it was not worth changing and I simply bought a format I like. I have not changed it since. You like the format you had, why change it if you like it. I can only say, keep going on your own way dude. Hugs


  2. It’s all good, Tony! Good that you don’t get locked into what doesn’t feel quite right. Change is a good thing when it feels right for you! Go for it!

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