3 thoughts on “Britain And Brexit

  1. I think they need to have a second referendum, and call it the confirmation vote. The first vote was only a referendum and was not binding. More is known now that was not then. It is worth seeing if the people still want to leave the EU. If they do still want to leave, so be it, but if they want to stay then all the problem is solved. Hugs

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  2. What is going on with our so-called “leaders” and the people in charge. Malcolm Turnball was alright, not perfect, but he was alright and now we have this horrible one that’s trying to force us to be “patriotic”.


  3. The underlying problem with Brexit is that it was voted for on the basis of vague promises, slogans and blatant lies. None of our politicians – of whichever party – has been able to define it in a way that makes sense, hence the current problems. All that we have learned since the referendum about the impacts of Brexit has been negative and I’d bet that another referendum now would give a different result. Instead of playing party politics, what our leaders need to do is unite in the country’s interest, permit a second referendum based on known facts, and hopefully remove the question of leaving the EU forever. Some hope, eh? Still, at least we don’t have Trump allegedly in charge, so I guess things could be worse.

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