The Best A Man Can Get, Gillette’s New Campaign

As a human being its refreshing to see a corporation such as Gillette have a social conscious and to influence people to do good things. Some folks need a wake-up call to be more empathetic and more sympathetic even if it makes them uncomfortable. This ad campaign is pretty spot on in addressing the need for new masculinity. Kudos Gillette, well done.

5 thoughts on “The Best A Man Can Get, Gillette’s New Campaign”

  1. Boys will be boys has been a get out clause for bullies will be bullies for a loooong time. Really like seeing the idea of men and boys being good to each other and kind and standing up against that rubbish. I’ve known a lot of men that have struggled because of what they go through in childhood and adolescence. There is an amazing movement for women, and I hope the same is coming for men to show their difficulties.


  2. I like the ad, I just hope it is not a money grab stunt. I am skeptical of big corporations who go “activism mode” because it makes me think they are hiding something. Let’s hope that in the next few days, we do not hear a news story about how the Gillette CEO sexually harassed someone or the work culture is shitty. I also kike how mad people are getting. They have resorted to throwing away their razors and claiming to “boycott” Gillette. This “boycott” will go as far as the Nike one.

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