Nurses Rock!


Over the past 16 days we have witnessed the professionalism and hard work of so many outstanding health care professionals at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. Nurses, CNA’s, Med Tech’s and other related caregivers have done a great job of taking care of my dad. They provide hands-on healing and care for so many people who are sick. I am grateful for them getting my dad back home. Nursing and related fields is hard work but it’s a calling and for those who do it they are worthy of their noble title and deserve to be rewarded in so many ways. Nurses do indeed rock!

9 thoughts on “Nurses Rock!

  1. My experiences echo yours. The quality of care and professionalism in ICU at the local hospital where I live in Upstate NY was remarkable.


  2. Nurses are amazing. I experienced the same feelings with those who looked after my mom this year.

    It’s like… they’re the type of people who can take care of your family as though it’s their own family. And it means a lot. ❤

    Hope your dad's doing well.

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  3. They are the real heroes of health care. Mrs. Robin was a nurse for ten years and it’s become very specialized and requires a lot of know-how in addition to the calling and compassion that makes people pursue a nursing career.

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  4. This is beautiful, I am a nurse who is about to start practicing as a nurse practitioner … it warms my heart to hear wonderful things about a profession I hold so dear!

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