Eight Weeks And Still No Facebook, Wow!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am struggling to come up with clever titles for these posts about my time in exile from Facebook. At some point, I feel I will need to go back and say hi to my connections and do some massive surgery on my presence there. In the meantime, it’s all good for me not being in that space. Next week it will have been two months which is surprising. Thanks for your support in this time away from that all-consuming and controversial spot on the Interweb.

Dad, It’s Been Five Months

Dad, it’s been five months since you left us. Well, we still feel your spirit among us but your physical presence is not here. I do so miss you daily. I can’t and don’t want to believe you have been gone for this long and it will only get longer as days go by. Last year was rough for us but rougher for you. One day it will be better but that will take time. Miss you dad.



(Please Do Not Reblog, Thank You)