Something About Me

When you connect with me you get an authentic person who is kind, considerate (most times) and caring. I will always try to lift a person up. I am overly eager and a people pleaser. There will be no saying I am sorry for being nerdy, geeky and dorky. I am like a Labrador in that I am overly friendly. I will call you a friend even if we have met only a couple of times. The stuff I am passionate about like my heart is worn on my sleeves. When you get me you get someone who is flawed, faithful and awkward at times. Sometimes I am sad but always hopeful and positive. All I know how to be is myself and I hope that is enough for anyone who wants to be in my life. I will stand for the little guy and living in a just world for everyone. I am a believer in my higher power (God and that sort of thing) and its that faith that informs me to be who I am. I promote inclusion for others and hope the same for myself.

In short, what you see and read is what you get with me.

My Blog Is Me is my spot on the web, my official blog of record, my domain (yep I paid for it). No matter what goes on over at Facebook or Twitter this will always be where I will share what is on my heart and in my head without limit. Here I can be less filtered and a little more daring if you will. It is important to be genuine and real. Bloggers are special and we all have a connection with one another through our common interest. Of course I will remain courteous, kind and always silly. Here I am the star of my own blog.

This is a digital extension of who I am. What you see here is what I am like in person. I am grateful to each of you from far and wide who are following me, reading and commenting my posts. As I read on another blog a blog without readers isn’t a fun place to be. WordPress has provided us an awesome platform for expression and connection. So when you come here you will see my blog is me.