Rambling About Instagram

I think Instagram is a great instant photo sharing app. It does so many things well. However in looking at my past pix it seems its mostly food I capture or places where I get food. Maybe its just me buying into a stereotype about the platform that you gotta do a picture of what you are eating at any given time. People are interested in food but they are also interested in other things too like people, places, pets, that sort of thing. To me it helps tell ones personal story in a medium that says a thousand words and more.

There are other things I capture on Instagram such as events in my life and interesting things I see out and about.

What is your story with Instagram if you use it? How does it help tell the story of your life?

Rambling About Story Telling From My Point Of View

In sales its good tell the story of the product you are selling. In telling the story of blood donation the story is that lives are being saved. To me there is power in telling your story because it helps people to relate a little. Sharing the message you want people to hear is hard work but it can be done. People aren’t stupid so your story needs to be good and honest. Sometimes the story is needed to convince people to move, to do something, to advance a mission. Whatever your life story be willing to tell it, someone can benefit from your experience.