Vote For Better Leaders And People In 2018

Good leadership requires intelligence, wisdom, restraint, compassion and understanding of complex issues. When none of that is present then those in power must be replaced. #Vote2018 to make vital changes in leadership to make things better for the country and the world.

Leadership And Listening


This sign is posted in one of the elevators at my work. Listening is an important part of leading people. You have to be able to take information from those who you work with, process it and then take action based upon their experiences. At work I am a team leader and I make it a rule to listen to others and to create solutions based upon what they have to say. Buy-in from those who work with and for you is important.

Learning As You Go At Work

Today at work I learned that making decisions and making policy are things you have to create as you go along. Sometimes it means changing things to suit the current situation. In a transition you learn a lot about yourself and those who work with you. I am honoring those who got me where I am by trying to do my best to meet expectations and achieve goals set before me. Much of the times it’s about figuring stuff out on your own. Also there is leading people and hopefully inspiring them to do their best too.

There’s A Lot To Know About Being A Leader

Leadership is something that can be innate or learned through experience. For me it is a little of both. Today was my second day of being the team leader at work and I am finding out there is a lot to know. Today I was spending time with the human resources director at work for some leadership coaching. My position is a supervisory role so there are some institutional and personnel procedures involved in the job. I also did some data entry in updating our team stats so spreadsheets will become a greater part of my responsibilities. My new job will be good in time, I just need to be patient and allow myself to have growing moments. Tomorrow is another day, lets see how it goes.

Respecting Authority, Respecting People

Call me old fashioned but I believe in respecting authority. We all have people who are above us in some form whether it be a parent or a boss or elected officials. Those people have been charged with leadership and maintaining order in our families and society.

I am not saying one has to agree with those in authority but sometimes they see the bigger picture. Leadership involves serving those who are led. My philosophy is to do the thing that I am leading others in doing. Being bossy and ordering people around just doesn’t work today. Setting an example for everyone will say more than any words you can speak. Asking people works too. I also think that taking advantage of people is not leadership that is something different all together. Respecting authority must come with respecting people and vice versa.

From A Fortune Cookie

Nothing motivates a man more than to see his boss put in a honest day’s work


I am second in command in my department at work so this makes me mindful to set an example for others on the job. Everyone needs motivation to do their best and someone to lead the way. My own boss does a good days work so I am looking to him for guidance when needed.