Rambling About A Movement, Advancing A Cause

Any cause or movement is bigger than the person who inspired it. The ideas and spirit of a movement should be carried forward by the people who were encouraged to dream and think about a brighter future. No one person can do it alone. Change requires everyone working together. Granted there will be disagreements along the way but that is what happens when humans work together. Anything worth doing requires a lot of work. In certain situations it might require another person taking the movement and advancing its ideas to the masses. Transition is never easy but you have to faith and hold people accountable to making things happen. It can take years and generations for a cause or a movement to be realized in full. If you want something done, it requires your participation and your dedication. There are sometimes bigger things at stake than the movement too.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton, Cementing Democrats’ Unity – The New York Times


PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — After 14 months of policy clashes and moments of mutual disdain, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, clearing away the last major obstacle to a united Democratic front heading into the party’s convention this month and the general election this fall.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton, Cementing Democrats’ Unity – The New York Times

Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders have come together. I am pleased with this. We shall see how things go heading into the convention. Perhaps she will choose him as her VP running mate. Some aren’t thrilled with this but it is what it needs to be. Voting is important and we have much to decide in November.

Hillary Clinton, Presumptive Democratic Nominee

 I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President. However I do like Bernie Sanders. Both candidates have run a ferocious race and they are great candidates. Keeping Donald Trump must be the order of the election. America cannot afford to have him as president.

(I do respect the varied opinions here. It is my goal not to start a conversation that would lead to conflict. At the end of this thing we all have to go back to being friendly.)

The New Hampshire Primary

It looks like Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump Has won the Republican Primary in New Hampshire.

Decisions Decisions 2016

I am a Democrat and as a person who leans to the left I am struggling with whom to support for my party’s nomination. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in primary season trying to win the number of delegates to advance to face whoever the GOP is going to put up and that race is looking like a battle royale.

I am paying close attention to both and trying to figure out who would be the best person for the job. Both of them want the same things but with different policies and ideas. I believe its time for a woman to be president however I like Bernie’s ideas. Deciding on who to support will take a little more time. Maybe by “Super Tuesday” I will know or by then the clear candidate will be known.

Who I Side With…Bernie Sanders It Appears


We are in the midst of a political campaign here in the United States and I took a quiz on who I side with the most and Bernie Sanders was a bit of a surprise. Hillary Clinton is a very close second. I haven’t made up my mind between the two. There is no way I would back any Republican running because they are way too far to the right for my taste.

I don’t care who you support, just be sure to vote in the primaries and the general. Your voice does count.