Inauguration Day In America #InaugurationDay #BidenHarris

Today is The Day! Joe Biden becomes President of The United States and Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and first person of color to become Vice President. Here’s to a uneventful day where the peaceful transfer of power can take place. May God be with the new administration in the coming days and may they do good for everyone.

Rambling About A Movement, Advancing A Cause

Any cause or movement is bigger than the person who inspired it. The ideas and spirit of a movement should be carried forward by the people who were encouraged to dream and think about a brighter future. No one person can do it alone. Change requires everyone working together. Granted there will be disagreements along the way but that is what happens when humans work together. Anything worth doing requires a lot of work. In certain situations it might require another person taking the movement and advancing its ideas to the masses. Transition is never easy but you have to faith and hold people accountable to making things happen. It can take years and generations for a cause or a movement to be realized in full. If you want something done, it requires your participation and your dedication. There are sometimes bigger things at stake than the movement too.