ESPN Layoffs Begin, And Some 100 Employees May Lose Jobs : The Two-Way : NPR

Reporters and on-air personalities are among the roughly 100 ESPN employees who are expected to lose their jobs this week, in a cost-cutting move at the network that has lost millions of subscribers in recent years.

Source: ESPN Layoffs Begin, And Some 100 Employees May Lose Jobs : The Two-Way : NPR

ESPN is a sports network that airs on cable TV across America. They have been the network of note for sports fans for years. Today they did a mass layoff of reporters and on-air personalities that are the face of the network. It’s a part of the changing face of how people view and consume entertainment.

NBC Broadcasting To America For 90 Years

The Vintage NBC Logo

Watching a 90th anniversary celebration of the NBC network and thinking how much of our culture has been shaped by broadcast television and before it radio. I am a product of it and I am very proud to have worked in it. Without this medium our lives would be very different because we would have been given a glimpse of how life can be for everyone. Modern storytelling has come from the writers and performers that came into our lives through a box in our living rooms nightly. Entertainment, enlightenment and education have come over the airwaves for decades. Along with CBS and ABC over the air TV has made our country what it is today and has made the lives of us all a little more cheerful and fun.