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Assembling Your Alliance

It’s good to have allies, even those who you wouldn’t expect. People need to feel like someone is there for them. Encourage allegiances to help you win the day. We all need to feel like we belong and we are valued in any cause. Just because someone is not as enthusiastic about something doesn’t mean they care. Be willing to take whatever help you can get because a force is built one person at a time.

When you are building your team be willing to see the possibilities and don’t be so easy to dismiss. You might find a fierce fighter from a fisherman or a guy from the IRS. You just never know where your best teammates will come from.  Some of the best teams are made up of misfit toys who want to do their part because they have never been picked before and they want to play hard and win. So when you are putting your squad together be sure your looking at everyone, you might never know who will be the person to do amazing magic.