Quote Of The Day

Right now, when we’re hearing so much disturbing and hateful rhetoric, it is so important to remember that our diversity has been – and will always be – our greatest source of strength and pride here in the United States.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Quote Of The Day

Diversity contains as many treasures as those waiting for us on other worlds. We will find it impossible to fear diversity and to enter the future at the same time.

Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek

My Hope For America On July 4th

This is what I want America to be. While we are at it throw in health care for all and science is valued. America doesn’t have to be great if it can be better than it is now. Wouldn’t it be nice, just saying.

A Ramble About Diversity

Without diversity, people who have traditionally not had a place at the table or opportunities to advance would still be on the outside looking in. Glass ceilings would not be shattered and women and minorities would be relegated to second class, second tier status. People who complain about diversity it seems want to keep things the way they were and to allow no one else to enjoy the advantages they have had throughout their lives.

No doubt I have benefited from my race and gender and I regret that others have not been afforded the same. It’s past time for a lot of things to happen for the least of these and maybe life should find a way for everyone to have equity, equality, life, liberty and happiness.

Assembling Your Alliance

It’s good to have allies, even those who you wouldn’t expect. People need to feel like someone is there for them. Encourage allegiances to help you win the day. We all need to feel like we belong and we are valued in any cause. Just because someone is not as enthusiastic about something doesn’t mean they care. Be willing to take whatever help you can get because a force is built one person at a time.

When you are building your team be willing to see the possibilities and don’t be so easy to dismiss. You might find a fierce fighter from a fisherman or a guy from the IRS. You just never know where your best teammates will come from.  Some of the best teams are made up of misfit toys who want to do their part because they have never been picked before and they want to play hard and win. So when you are putting your squad together be sure your looking at everyone, you might never know who will be the person to do amazing magic.

We Are America – Love Has No Labels – Diversity Is Cool!

John Cena the former WWE wrestling champion shines in this quite awesome PSA that gives a twist on patriotism. America can be great if it embraces diversity and shows more love. This site give you the tools to create your own picture of what love is. Mine is down below.


For more information visit http://lovehasnolabels.com/ to participate do your own picture.

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