The Thing About Marvel Movies

In the Marvel movies, there is a requirement that in order to save the world you must blow it to kingdom come. Now I like those movies like the next nerd but there is such a scorched Earth philosophy that I find disturbing. Just think about the property damage from all the invasions and fighting between Hydra and SHIELD.

Perhaps I should just turn off my brain and just enjoy the ride. It’s also kind of hypocritical to be a critic when I have problems with critics in other stuff.

Captain America: Civil War – A Dark, Heroic, Complicated Tale

I made a joke that Captain America: Civil War was a nothing but a story featuring hero-on-hero violence. You know what happens when you assume stuff. This movie was entertaining, thought provoking and somewhat heartbreaking. Without giving away anything I will say that we are all manipulated by political forces and sometimes people on the same team have to choose the best way to go about doing something and therefore causes much conflict, even war. The cast performances are top shelf and I think Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. are amazing. If you haven’t seen this movie, go. You might want to watch the Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man and Avengers movies before seeing this one to provide much needed context. This is probably the best super hero movie made in quite some time, a new standard has been set.

Lets Go To The Movies! – Avengers: The Age Of Ultron

images (3)So its time for another Avengers movie. More super heroes flying around trying to keep the world from breaking apart because of a really bad guy with lots of destructive tendencies. I enjoy these things sometimes and the stars assembled to make this franchise are people I like. So, tonight I am going to just enjoy this film and not think too hard about it. I am a geek so this is good stuff.