Farewell Classic Blackberry Phones

Classic Blackberry devices were discontinued today. The original smartphone has continued to decline in popularity over the past few years. We owned a couple of them in the 2000s and thought they were pretty cool until we got the T-Mobile MyTouch phone which came with the Android phone OS. I think the physical keyboard was a plus and its durability was what I liked about them. I do wonder how many people will admit to still using them.

Throwback Thursday – Cell Phone Edition #TBT #tmobile

This was my first Android phone, the T-Mobile myTouch. I really liked this phone because it had a physical keyboard that slid out from the side. It’s amazing how far these things have come. Check out the app buttons and how they have changed too.

#TBT 1989 Radio Shack Cellular Phone Commercial

This Throwback Thursday is a commercial for a cellphone from Radio Shack that makes you realize just how far technology has come. This is the great great grandparent of your smartphone.

Here’s another retro cell phone commercial that has a few more options.

The first text message was sent 25 years ago – Engadget.com


Be prepared to feel ancient — the first text message is 25 years old. Engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS on December 3rd, 1992, when he wrote “merry Christmas” on a computer and sent it to the cellphone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. It was a modest start, but it ultimately changed technology and even social norms. For more check out, The first text message was sent 25 years ago – Engadget.com

Texting has radically changed the way we communicate. Used to be you passed a paper note back and forth. Sometimes I prefer it to voice communications. It’s so amazing how far we have come though in the past 25 years where we send photos and other media too.

Here’s your beginner’s guide to Pokémon GO – CNN.com

(CNN)So everyone is shuffling around furiously swiping at their phones and bragging about their Vaporeon and you’re just sitting here like “What’s a Pokéball?”

Source: Here’s your beginner’s guide to Pokémon GO – CNN.com

This craze has swept the nation and perhaps the world. People are out and about playing it in droves. I get this, sort of. You know, if it gets people to connect with one another then it’s cool. I doubt I will be downloading it and putting it on my phone but there are people who are doing it and I shall live vicariously through their fun.

For some people, the older the smartphone, the better | Times Free Press

Between splashy launches, lavish new-phone offers (get a free HDTV on activation!) and frequent software updates that slow down your old handset, it sometimes feels like the entire technology industry is pushing you to buy the latest smartphone. Yet some holdouts resist.

Source: For some people, the older the smartphone, the better | Times Free Press

A person on my team at work has a flip phone and it’s cool. My grandfather has a flip phone too. I do miss the fun of those phones and how much less space they take up. I also like the slider phone too.

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